I recently spoke to Steve Keating from Reuters about the legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. What, Keating’s article asks, will be the long-term impact of the Games?

The Olympics and identity have come up frequently in the last few weeks of class. My students frequently point to the Vancouver 2010 as an example of Canada’s accomplishments at hockey, and less frequently as an example of this nation’s goodness (for lack of a better word). The Games seemed to reflect what Molson’s, Tim Horton’s and HBC’s commercials have been telling us for years: we’re fun, we’re folksy, we’re good at hockey and we can handle the cold. The Olympics seemed to re-affirm what we, as Canadians, think we are about. I’m not sure whether or not these ideas about Canada entirely reflect our population but I am glad that my students have something tangible to which they can attach these values.

Keating’s article can be found here.

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