Book Launch for Obesity in Canada

Please join us in Winnipeg on September 26 at 7:00pm for the official launch of Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives. The event is at McNally Robertson Grant Park in the Atrium. I’ll be there along with co-editor Deborah McPhail and some of the book’s contributors. We would love to talk about the book, our research, … Continue reading “Book Launch for Obesity in Canada”

Podcasting Project

I’m creating a podcast documenting how Canadians think about bodies, health and sport. It will focus on stories of how individuals experienced, thought about or contributed to noteworthy events, social movements and controversies. Right now I am looking for people who won a “gold crest” or “Award of Excellence” from the Canada Fitness Awards in … Continue reading “Podcasting Project”

Silken Laumann: Unsinkable

Fifteen for 15 #7 Silken Laumann’s was the first name I wrote down for Fifteen for 15. She stands out to me because of her physicality and the way it has been used by advertisers, which I’ll talk about below. Her tenacious comeback from injury to win a bronze at the Barcelona Olympic games is … Continue reading “Silken Laumann: Unsinkable”

Clara Hughes: Changing the Conversation About Sport and Health

Fifteen for Section 15 #4 What makes a great athlete? For me, it is someone who is accomplished but who has also shaped or changed the cultural conversation in some way. In his book Celebrity: Fame in Contemporary Culture, David Marshall likens the place of the “celebrity” in contemporary culture to Roland Barthes’ conception of … Continue reading “Clara Hughes: Changing the Conversation About Sport and Health”

Barbara Ann Scott: No Fragile Mamet

Fifteen for Section 15, #3 Written accounts of Barbara Ann Scott, the 1947 and 1948 European and World Champion women’s figure skater, and 1948 Olympic gold medalist, offered exhausting descriptions of her appearance. A 1948 Time magazine attempt extended to a paragraph: Barbara Ann, with a peaches-and-cream complexion, saucer-size blue eyes and a rosebud mouth, … Continue reading “Barbara Ann Scott: No Fragile Mamet”

The Fat Studies Journal, vol. 1, 1.

The first issue of The Fat Studies Journal is now available in print and online. I’ve contributed a review article on exercise options for fat people, and I’m very pleased to be part of this new project. Building on The Fat Studies Reader (2010), the FSJ will examine the historical, social and cultural fascination with … Continue reading “The Fat Studies Journal, vol. 1, 1.”

Border Crossings: Canadians at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Border Crossings: Canadians at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival started in 1976 and is still held annually near Grand Rapids, MI. MWMF is a woman-only event featuring female musicians and personal-development workshops around pretty much any topic you can think of from yodeling, to massage, to sex (technique and politics), to health, to cats, to white privilege, to coming … Continue reading “Border Crossings: Canadians at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival”

Glee: Giving fat bottomed girls their due?

Because of my dissertation topic (fat women’s organizations in Canada), I often think about, and love to talk about, representations of fat people in popular culture. Indulging this love of talking, thinking, and fatness, my friend Adene said in a recent email: Have you caught all the talk about Glee (the cool guy being into … Continue reading “Glee: Giving fat bottomed girls their due?”