Clara Hughes: Changing the Conversation About Sport and Health

Fifteen for Section 15 #4 What makes a great athlete? For me, it is someone who is accomplished but who has also shaped or changed the cultural conversation in some way. In his book Celebrity: Fame in Contemporary Culture, David Marshall likens the place of the “celebrity” in contemporary culture to Roland Barthes’ conception of … Continue reading “Clara Hughes: Changing the Conversation About Sport and Health”

Barbara Ann Scott: No Fragile Mamet

Fifteen for Section 15, #3 Written accounts of Barbara Ann Scott, the 1947 and 1948 European and World Champion women’s figure skater, and 1948 Olympic gold medalist, offered exhausting descriptions of her appearance. A 1948 Time magazine attempt extended to a paragraph: Barbara Ann, with a peaches-and-cream complexion, saucer-size blue eyes and a rosebud mouth, … Continue reading “Barbara Ann Scott: No Fragile Mamet”

The Runners (1907): Leaky Hegemony

Fifteen for Section 15, #2 The City of Toronto has many great archival images of sport, but this one of women running on Toronto Island c. 1907 is my favourite. I love it because of the juxtaposition of the runners’ clothing with their facial expressions. The runners’ determination is clear from the strain on the … Continue reading “The Runners (1907): Leaky Hegemony”

Fifteen for Section 15 (& Nine for IX)

This summer ESPN released nine documentaries about women’s sport, in honour of the thirtieth anniversary of Title IX. Title IX is a section of the Education Amendments Act (USA, 1972) that requires federally funded schools to provide equal opportunities to girls and boys. Applied to sport, this provision has resulted in increased opportunities and funding … Continue reading “Fifteen for Section 15 (& Nine for IX)”