Fall talking season!

I received invites from a couple of groups to come talk about curating. How could I say no? I love my work, and I will tell anyone who will listen. Curious about curating? September 20, 6:30-8:00pm Editors Ottawa 414 Sparks Street Five Things I’ve Learned About Working in Public History October 2, 12:30-1:30pm Trent University … Continue reading “Fall talking season!”

Five Things You Don’t Know About Terry Fox: May 27, 6:30pm

You know he’s a national hero, but what did he add to the national conversation? As he became a hero Canadians were inspired by Terry Fox in ways you might not expect. Come see me talk at the Danforth Coxwell branch of the Toronto Public Library,May 27, 6:30-8:00pm in the Program Room (upstairs). This event … Continue reading “Five Things You Don’t Know About Terry Fox: May 27, 6:30pm”

Debating Femininity with Nancy Greene

Fifteen for 15 #8 Eight years ago I was seeking permission to use an advertising image of Nancy Greene for an article. Getting permission to use old ads and images is sometimes hard. After getting the run-around from the brand I decided to contact Nancy Greene’s “people” to see if they could help. I found … Continue reading “Debating Femininity with Nancy Greene”

Research: “Court Aids Terry Fox Fund”

I’ll be giving a paper on Terry Fox at the Versions of Canada Conference this fall. The paper looks at references to national unity in letters to the Prime Minister, newspaper coverage and House of Commons discussion of Terry Fox during 1980-1981. After reading hundreds of letters written to Terry’s family, Douglas Coupland wrote, “I … Continue reading “Research: “Court Aids Terry Fox Fund””

Fitness Fashion: Guest Post for Fit is a Feminist Issue

Click on over to Fit is a Feminist Issue (FIFI) and read my guest post on fitness fashion. I argue that finding cute fitness clothing is a feminist act. Yes, really. FIFI is a blog started by two feminists and philosophers, Tracy and Samantha. It started a site for them to reflect on the implications … Continue reading “Fitness Fashion: Guest Post for Fit is a Feminist Issue”

‘New’ Research Confirms Long-Term Weight Loss Impossible: CBC Health News

The findings of a research study can often be distilled to an amazing headline. And when that research is on a popular health topic like superfoods or cancer research, it can draw a lot of interest. But popular health reporting has drawn critiques from academics for presenting individual studies out of context, misleading and confusing … Continue reading “‘New’ Research Confirms Long-Term Weight Loss Impossible: CBC Health News”

Silken Laumann: Unsinkable

Fifteen for 15 #7 Silken Laumann’s was the first name I wrote down for Fifteen for 15. She stands out to me because of her physicality and the way it has been used by advertisers, which I’ll talk about below. Her tenacious comeback from injury to win a bronze at the Barcelona Olympic games is … Continue reading “Silken Laumann: Unsinkable”

Hayley Wickenheiser: Flag Bearer, Standard-Bearer

Fifteen for 15 #6 This morning Hayley Wickenheiser will carry the Canadian flag into Fisht Stadium in the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Olympic Games. My first thought on hearing Wickenheiser was going to be flag bearer was, great choice! My second thought was, she’s competing in another Olympics? Hayley Wickenheiser has been a member … Continue reading “Hayley Wickenheiser: Flag Bearer, Standard-Bearer”

The Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club

Fifteen for Section 15 #5 With a winning average of 95 percent, The Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club, “The Grads,” are among the most successful teams in sport history. Basketball was a relatively new sport for girls when the Grads formed in 1915. Unlike gymnastics and military drill, which were usually offered to school-aged girls, … Continue reading “The Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club”