Fall talking season!

I received invites from a couple of groups to come talk about curating. How could I say no? I love my work, and I will tell anyone who will listen. Curious about curating? September 20, 6:30-8:00pm Editors Ottawa 414 Sparks Street Five Things I’ve Learned About Working in Public History October 2, 12:30-1:30pm Trent University … Continue reading “Fall talking season!”

Research: “Court Aids Terry Fox Fund”

I’ll be giving a paper on Terry Fox at the Versions of Canada Conference this fall. The paper looks at references to national unity in letters to the Prime Minister, newspaper coverage and House of Commons discussion of Terry Fox during 1980-1981. After reading hundreds of letters written to Terry’s family, Douglas Coupland wrote, “I … Continue reading “Research: “Court Aids Terry Fox Fund””

Tomorrow: Historical Perspectives on Obesity Stigma

Tomorrow afternoon I’m speaking at the Canadian Obesity Student Meeting (COSM) in Waterloo, Ontario. My talk, “Historical Perspectives on Obesity Stigma” examines how the problems that we associate with obesity have shifted over time, from religious (sin) to moral (poor character) to health issues. Obesity’s history means that, when we try to engage the public … Continue reading “Tomorrow: Historical Perspectives on Obesity Stigma”

Feminism and Technology @ The Berks

I wrote a post over at ActiveHistory.ca about feminism and technology at the Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians. The Berks starts this week and, as part of my work for the media committee, I felt compelled to think a little bit about the history of feminism and technology. Feminists have sometimes felt uneasy about technology, … Continue reading “Feminism and Technology @ The Berks”

Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

I’m volunteering with the media committee of the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, which is being held in Canada for the first time from 22-25 May. The “Big Berks” brings together scholars from different fields interested in the history of women, studies of gender, sexuality, bodies, colonialism and feminist theory. Anyway, this, plus a few … Continue reading “Berkshire Conference of Women Historians”

Ethics of “Obesity Epidemic” to be Examined at International Workshop

A group of 20 international experts on obesity will gather in Kitchener-Waterloo on the weekend of October 20-21, to share insights into the social and cultural dimensions of obesity in Canada. Attendees will reflect on the ethical and equity issues that arise in the treatment of people deemed obese. “As the obesity epidemic and critical … Continue reading “Ethics of “Obesity Epidemic” to be Examined at International Workshop”

CFP – Obesity in Canada: Historical and Critical Perspectives

Proposals for papers are invited for a symposium and an edited collection of essays on critical perspectives on Obesity in Canada. In Canada estimated obesity rates have risen over the course of the twentieth century, though the measurement and criteria for being obese have also changed during this time (Mitchinson 2009). Particular groups in Canada, … Continue reading “CFP – Obesity in Canada: Historical and Critical Perspectives”